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Maarten Rienks

Maarten Rienks (1969) is a philosophical trouble-shooter. He helps to resolve issues by means of questions rather than answers. His development took place during studies in technical physics and wide-ranging activities in the areas of business services, welfare, healthcare and the federal government. For the last ten years he has been active as a consultant to organisations and individuals. Maarten examines issues with questions like ‘what is the current situation here?’ ‘what was the original intention?’ and ‘what does it all mean now?’ From this examination, which can take the form of a one-on-one conversation, a Socratic dialogue, a series of interviews or a large-scale conference, it almost always becomes clear to everyone involved what has to be done. Call it insight, inspiration or analysis, it’s about the effect which it ultimately has. In addition to being consultant, coach and trainer he is active as voice coach according to the Lichtenberger method.


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Maarten Rienks

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