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What we do

Facilitating and Training

We facilitate reflective conversations for teams or groups of fellow professionals. We also train trainers and internal or external consultants to initiate such conversations.

In addition, we support management teams and organisations that seek to create an open and investigative climate for conversation in the knowledge that, in this way, hidden knowledge can be made productive.

'You learn to look and to listen; you acquire greater attention for the views and opinions of the person sitting opposite you; it is also a lesson in modesty (about your own conviction about being right).' Bank director

'A genuine conversation takes place, about those things which really need to be talked about. About the things that really matter.' Director of a mental healthcare organisation

'It is very difficult for us not to interrupt each other and to listen to each other. I have seen us develop in the course of our meetings.' Programme director, government ministry

'It was a "Masterclass": a special lesson for young J talents under the leadership of a real "master" in dialogue and philosophy.' HR Director, teaching hospital


International Masterclass Socratic Dialogue in Unconventional Settings

Focus on Influence

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