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The place where Socrates held conversations with passersby and military and political leaders about the essential elements of their work has shifted from the marketplace in Athens to board rooms, meeting rooms, training locations and conference centres. That is where we, as contemporary philosophers, have been leading reflective conversations for more than ten years.

We work with a wide range of clients in industry, the service sector, government, education and health care. In addition we work with independent consultants, trainers and interim managers.

'It touches your personal norms and value, allows you to give them a place. I miss this sort of encounter in management meetings, where agendas are worked through in a very instrumental way.' Clustermanager

'When you engage in one or a series of conversations of this type, then something special happens in organisations, also because people set out in search of what they have in common; you call yourself and others to account.' Management

'I thought I was asking the right questions. I thought I used the right tone. I thought I was not quick to judge. I thought I was able to master the situation...I thought that I already knew how to think.' Safety Officer



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