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Making Connections
(Erik Boers and Nico Swaan, 2012)

Talking with other people is an integral part of our lives, at work, at home and socially. Communicating to good effect requires some skill: building relationships with colleagues, clients, partners and friends, and staying connected with them, in order both to get things done and maintain the relationship. Making Connections invites you to:
Explore a wide range of behaviours, all of which are equally important, when used appropriately and at the right time
Understand the importance of and nature of 'trust', as the foundation upon which all true connection must be built
Discover the complexity of effective communication processes
The theory underpinning this book is based on over 30 years of internationally based empirical research by the authors, augmented by the findings of other renowned communication experts.

It is presented in an easy to read format interspersed with diagrams, case examples, anecdotes and quotations. Most importantly, this book introduces dozens of reflective activities and practical exercises which will help - and challenge - you to:
Gain a deeper awareness of your own strengths
Identify areas for personal improvement
Develop the flexibility to be able to meet any interpersonal challenge with confidence.

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Learning Conversations. The Value of Interactive Learning
(Pieter Mostert joined by Meahabo Dinah magano and Gert van der Westhuizen of the University of Johannesburg (2010))

The authors of this book show how learners, through conversations, become active in developing their own understanding and improving their own ideas. This resource book for practicing and prospective teachers:
o explores conversation as a teaching and learning strategy
o presents a wide range of conversation types in a practical way
o shows how conversations can be used in formal as well as informal settings, across different subject areas.
The authors describe a variety of conversation types, drawing on Socrates, Vygotsky and other authors, as well as African oral traditions. They show how in learning conversations participants can explore a wide range of topics by working together towards a shared outcome: learning new ideas and learning about themselves and the world.
This book is published by Heinemann, Cape Town (South Africa) in January 2010.

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Free Space and Room to Reflect
(Jos Kessels, Erik Boers and Pieter Mostert, 2004)

This book describes how our practice of doing philosophy in organisations has been developed over the pas years. It has been based on the three disciplines of the classical Trivium: asking questions and conducting investigative dialogues (dialectics); speaking and debating (rhetoric); and writing and reading (grammar). These three 'liberal arts' have, since classical times, focussed on personal mastery and on inquiry into the essentials of professional conduct (ethics).

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Free Space. Field guide to Conversations
(Jos Kessels, Erik Boers and Pieter Mostert, 2009)

This book makes a wealth of inspiring and practical guides available to anybody who wants to start and conduct conversations which are rich in content, depth and reflection. All the practical guides foster personal and mutual inquiry, in small and large groups, in formal and informal settings, ranging from the boardroom of the CEO to a local café around the corner.
This book offers an extension of the practical guides in their previous book, Free Space and Room to Reflect (2004). In their daily work with many different groups and in many different situations the authors have developed more than 80 different formats for practising and facilitating conversations. For the first time such an abundance of varying approaches has been collected in a single book - hence, a true "Field guide to conversations".

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