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Focus on Influence

Focus on Influence is designed for individuals who wish to raise their mastery of conversational skills to a higher level. This course is about developing personal insight, flexibility of approach and the ability to achieve goals with others, whilst at the same time maintaining or enhancing a relationship with the other party.

Focus on Influence has been delivered in a wide variety of different cultures worldwide, and is usually perceived as a perfect mix of solid learning and a great experience. Upon completion of the program you will: - have increased your flexibility in using your influence behaviours in different situations; - understand how others experience your influence behavior; - know what you could change to be more effective; - be able to apply a simple behavioral model; - acquire insight into (inter)personal behavior and its impact; - continue your development after the program, at home and at work.

Prior to attending the course, all participants complete an on-line 360 Influence Behavior Questionnaire which gathers information on personal influence behavior. Our 3,5 day course is an intensive, experiential environment where participants use exercises, simulations, personal and video feedback, and reflection to provide rapid and focused learning. This practical platform enhances the learning experience, leading to direct application into real life and work situations. Our consultants help you to discover, enrich and strengthen your personal style of influencing.

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€ 2.000,- excl. vat and stay expenses
Erik Boers and Heidi Brepoels


International Masterclass Socratic Dialogue in Unconventional Settings

Focus on Influence

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