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The New Trivium is a school in the classical sense of the word. The word 'school' derives from the ancient Greek scholè meaning 'free space'. A school is originally a free space, a place to think, together with others, about the world, what we and others should do, what 'the good life' is like. A school is a haven from the worries and duties of everyday life, from the obligation to make a living, take care of others and serve our various interests. Schooling is the use of this free space to inquire into the leading ideas behind our dealings.

Trivium is the name given to the first three classical liberal arts: persuasion (rhetoric), inquiry (dialectic), writing (grammar). From classical times until the nineteenth century these liberal arts were regarded as essential for all education and the proper preparation of the 'free person' for the practical realities of life.

The New Trivium gives contemporary content to this classical ideal. We provide modern forms of speech and reflection for actual use in organizations and work environments.

The New Trivium also offers the possibility of individual coaching.




Mission statement

3-5 of July 2020: International Masterclass Socratic Dialogue in Unconventional Settings
31st of October 2014: Symposium Organization: Ontological, Epistemological and Ethical Perspectives
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