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The New Trivium is a networkorganisation, in 1999 founded by Erik Boers and Jos Kessels, both philosopher, adviser and trainer. The last few years a core of associes has been formed including a growing network of professionals who appreciate working from the mission and values of The New Trivium. Most of them have a background in philosophy, others in art or music. We are located in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and The Hague and work on diverse locations in the country.




Mission statement

3-5 of July 2020: International Masterclass Socratic Dialogue in Unconventional Settings
31st of October 2014: Symposium Organization: Ontological, Epistemological and Ethical Perspectives
A conversation about harmony | Erik Boers
Four conversational virtues | Erik Boers
A Royal Dialogue | Erik Boers
Time for a conversation? | Erik Boers

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