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The New Trivium - organisational philosophy

Thinking together about fundamental issues during a good conversation is an absolute necessity in organisations. It results in:
- careful decision-making,
- clear communication,
- shared involvement,
- professional inspiration.

That requires:
- not getting side-tracked; really engaging with one another and with the issues,
- taking one another seriously; examining one’s own certainties,
- confronting that which needs to be done,
- acknowledging what courage will be required, and what one needs to let go of.

This type of conversation requires tried and tested forms. We derive these from the trivium, the three free arts which relate to language:
- rhetoric: speaking frankly and with conviction,
- dialectic: conducting an investigative conversation together,
- grammar: whilst writing, seeking the words which will cut straight through to the issue.

We have rendered these classical arts into forms, which are usable in order to stimulate profound conversations in organisations.

talking together, thinking together & working together




Mission statement

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31st of October 2014: Symposium Organization: Ontological, Epistemological and Ethical Perspectives
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