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International Masterclass Socratic Dialogue in Unconventional Settings


Learn how to:

  • set up and lead a Socratic dialogue in small and in larger groups;
  • facilitate long and short versions;
  • be flexible and creative with the Socratic method;
  • explore the levels of logos, pathos and ethos;
  • use the liberal arts dialectics, rhetoric and grammar;
  • articulate the theoretical background of the Socratic dialogue (epistemology, anthropology, logic and ethics);
  • implement Socratic dialogues in unconventional settings;
  • design Socratic exercises;
  • develop your own style of facilitation.

For whom?

This seminar is meant for you when

  • you are acquainted with the German tradition of Socratic Dialogue (Nelson/Heckmann);
  • you are a facilitator of philosophical dialogues;
  • you have followed a training course in SD facilitation;
  • you are a researcher of Socratic Dialogues;
  • you want to explore new ways of working with SD in organizations.

Click here for more information and/or to enroll.

02 - 04 July 2021
Akoesticum, Ede (The Netherlands)
€ 695,- excl. vat incl. accommodation when you enroll before the 1st of May 2021
€ 725,- excl. vat incl. accommodation when you enroll after the 1rst of May 2021
Erik Boers and Kristof van Rossem




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